How do I deal with being average?

Gaston Alejandro T
Gaston Alejandro T, Devours books so you don't have to. Also, guinea pig for the soul.
You don't.
You study and train and learn what the best in the world are doing that those around you aren't and you go to sleep every night knowing you are the hardest working mother f***er in the neighbourhood.
When others keep up to date with seven shows on Netflix and go to bed late, you listen to Tim Ferris interviewing and deconstructing the very best in the world and go to sleep early.
When everyone around you sleeps until the very list minute and half way breakfast and dash to work or college, you wake up one hour early, so you can practice some meditation, and eat well while you read something that nourishes your mind, like the works of epictetus or Alan Watts.
When everyone around you is doing the bare minimum to not be fired or expelled you focus to perform just a little bit better than yesterday every day.
When others fail and crumble, you get back up with a grin, because you know you are what Samuel Jackson checks for under his bed before he goes to sleep. The universe is not strong enough to chain you. The universe doesn't have what it takes to make you quit.
When you mess up, and others would be crippled by guilt abd self doubt, you breath and picture re your failure and picture yourself Force Choking the mental picture of your failures because it's YOUR mind and any negative images so dare enter your mind know that they will not live long. They might live for a few days and whisper self default arguments into your ears, but you just get more and more focused.
Fast forward a few months. Your eyes are burning. You are made of fire and iron and blood. No one understands what happened to you. They come up with stories and excuses, they can't accept who you became because that would mean realising they could do the same and they didn't. They are scared.
You pay no attention to that. You no longer case about average. That word has no meaning in your mind. Is just a label for empty people to plug for a day the hole inside them by comparing themselves with others. You do not do that. There is only one other who you can compare yourself to. Only one who you can be worse or be to. And you crushed his bones to dust and had him for breakfast. You have no time or attention to that. All your focus goes to your hands and mind and how best to use them. Because you know when you go to sleep, yourself from tomorrow will grind your bones and have them for breakfast.

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